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Confidentiality Statement

We are happy that you are considering volunteering at HtN Hope Lives Here.  Please type your name and sign the confidentiality statement below to be considered for a volunteer position


In consideration of volunteer activity with HtN – Hope Lives Here (“HtN”), or any subsidiary thereof, I do hereby acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following:

  1. It is understood that during the regulare course of my activity, I may be privy to information considered confidential and the property of HtN – Hope Lives Here, and its clients.
  2. I will not during my tenure with HtN – Hope Lives Here adn for a period of three (3) years after my volunteer activity is terminated, whether by me or HtN – Hope Lives Here, disclose such information to any entity, nor shall use such information to my own ends and gain, wheather for myself, or any other entity.
  3. Immediately upon cessation of my activity with HtN – Hope Lives Here, I will immediately return any and all company documents which I may possess. In addition, I declare that I will not maintain copies of such documents.
  4. HtN -Hope Lives Here shall hold the right to initiate proceddings against me for injunctive relief, if I act in a manner not consistent with or in violation of any of the foregoing.
  5. I understand that is my choice to sign this agreement and that it will remain valid until rescinded.