Statement of Ethical Conduct

All individuals working with HtN agree to adhere to the ethical and confidentiality policies and procedures of the organization.

  1. Always treat the client with respect. Remember it could be you sitting in their place.
  2. Treat all information associated with the conduct of HtN business as confidential.
  3. Remember you are an advocate for the client; leave your personal opinions and judgments at home.
  4. All communications with the client will be as a spokesperson of HtN. All aid provided will be given by and in the name of HtN.

Goals and Objectives
Our goal is to help our clients resolve issues that have disrupted their lives and to assist them to a position where they can again function as productive members of our community.

Help the Needy resources should be used as a resolution to a problem in accordance with Help the Needy guidelines and with the restrictions stipulated by donors.

If you can function within the above, please sign and date below.

Welcome to our organization! The rewards are out of this world!